Monday, January 4, 2010

Toshiba T135 computer Review

Ultra-Low Voltage notebook computers are popping up everywhere. They're thin, light, inexpensive, and getting stronger by the day. Does the powerful range of processor options, high RAM electrical capacity, Toshiba pa3291u-1brs Battery and sleek design of the Toshiba T135 help it stand out from the rest? Read on and we'll answer those questions for you.
Looking and Feeling
At first glance, the ‘Nova Red Fusion Finish’ is pleasing to the eye. The T135 is also shaped well, and is lightweight. On a show-room floor, this would certainly stand out, and in the ULV category, this can be important as functioning isn’t expected to vary too much from one make to the next. There was next to no keyboard flex observed during usage, which seems a bit surprising considered how thin the T135 is. The high gloss cover for the lid isn’t as difficult to keep clean with the deep color. The largest disappointment would probably be the single mouse key for the track pad. Given, it’s wide enough to easily distinguish left from fight clicking, but it still doesn’t seem like a feature that helps the design.
The T135 also lacks alternative touch pad options, reserving any brightness, volume, and peripheral control through function keys. While this may not be a design flaw, there is some extra space above the keyboard that could've filled that function.
With a good processor and ample RAM for a notebook of its class, the Toshiba pa3395u-1brs Battery T135 can perform very well for the price tag. When used for word processing and browsing with its robust Wi-Fi setup, the mobility offered with its size and weight prove to be excellent factors when considering its bargain potential. However, lacking an optical drive is certainly a weakness that can’t be overlooked. Other notebooks in this class have DVD drives, and while the main medium used will probably be digital, it doesn’t hurt to have a simple DVD writer.
The vibration detector for the hard drive, Toshiba pa3479u-1brs Battery while useful, activates frequently. Simply dislodging the notebook has a very good chance of setting off the warning window, and even an accidental kick on the table the notebook is sitting on could set it off. This seems excessive, but simply turning it off defeats the purpose. The audio is also disturbingly low in volume. The Toshiba pa3734u-1brs Battery quality of something as sound may not be the most important feature of a notebook computer, but you shouldn't have to strain your ears while browsing and watching video. Were the volume not so dismally low for the entire system, it wouldn’t worth observing.
Possessing the power that the system does, the T135 Toshiba pa3285u-1bas Battery is a good value if you're in the market for a light, mobile platform for word processing, e-mail, and browsing. The wireless functions are far reaching and strong, and the notebook’s design is slim with a long electric battery life. Lacking an optical drive is a disappointment, and the low output speakers diminishes some of the T135’s uses. The exterior design is pleasing, and with Windows 7 64-bit as the stock OS, the entire laptop is built for looks, it seems. As one of their first entries into the smaller ULV category, Toshiba delivers a mostly qualified choice at an affordable price.

Monday, November 30, 2009

replacement Sony Vgp-bps8 laptop battery

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sony OLED screen Walkman A840

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Sony announced Wednesday local time, iPod nano a similar product A840, it has 0.28 inches of ultra-thin body and 2.8-inch OLED screen, supports 29 hours of audio and 9 hours of video playback.
The Walkman supports AAC and H.264, PC and iTunes client manager is also very similar to the operation method, this machine with 16,32,64 GB in three versions, selling for 265,331 and 442 U.S. dollars.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sony floppy drive has finally bid farewell to the past, cut-off

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Sony Corporation today announced that it has in the first half of this year-round cut 3.5-inch FDD floppy disk drive products, is expected to clear the inventory this year will be completely out of the market. The last orphan floppy disk era of high-density 3.5-inch floppy disk was first launched in 1987, formatted capacity of 1.44MB, was already regarded as super-capacity. However, with 20 years of storage technology development, and later by CD, DVD, Blu-ray, as well as flash memory, mobile hard drives have already replaced the floppy disk in the PC role, only a very small number of old applications still need it. In such a popular market, Sony floppy can be regarded as a common hot item. Now, this classic has finally had no choice to withdraw from the market, into the museum.
However, Sony also announced the floppy drive product line was halted, the company will retain a floppy disk product line to continue the manufacture and sale.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sony announced VAIO X Series ultra-thin carbon fiber shell notebooks

Not the same as other manufacturers, Sony does not seem to intend to pursue "price", VAIO P navigate to 900 U.S. dollars is not that a carbon fiber shell VAIO X model laptop has just been released.

The notebook weighs only 1.5 pounds, 11.1-inch display, super-strength carbon fiber shell, CULV processor, according to Engadget to disclose prices of foreign websites, "fewer than 2,000 dollars", the price exceeded the MacBook Air, is expected to ship together, and Windows 7 .

The latest data comparison:

Asus Eee Seashell: 1.01 "
MSI X-series: .79 "
Macbook Air: .76 "
Lenovo X-series: .75 "
HP Voodoo Envy 133: .70 "
Dell Adamo: .65 "
Sony Vaio X: .5 "

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10-inch Sony VAIO W netbook Review

Netbook has a tear for a longer period of time, major manufacturers have introduced their own netbook products, but increasingly rich models. Sony until today to launch its true sense of the netbook products - the Sony VAIO W Series netbook. Before the launch of VIAO P portable book, although initially was considered to be Sony's netbook products, but because of its high price and alternative designs do not appeal to the audience applauded. The introduction of W-series netbook really called on the response to the "voice of the people," although in $699 the price of the netbook is not low, but at least than the VAIO P Kaopu and Sony Pcga-bp2s, Sony Pcga-bp3t.

At present a major netbook crowd just want to have a second computer, a young white-collar workers, so that your VAIO W Series netbook is also walking in appearance fashion line, introduced at the same time there are three colors: strawberry red, coffee brown and white, and the A side and the C face has a different color match. Body size of 267.8 × 179.6 × 27.5-32.4mm, four have done a rounded corner treatment, coupled with its compact size, feel this model is more suitable for young women to use fashion. But unfortunately this is the coffee brown to get the product, a little fashion sense of a lack of vision.
VAIO W relative to the price of Sony's other notebook products, Sony Vgp-bps5, Sony Pcga-bp2v, Sony Pcga-bp4v is relatively inexpensive, so cost will be under control. Body using the material for general engineering plastics, but working reasonably well. Fuselage shell using grinding process, not only to paint a delicate touch than the piano, and not easy to leave fingerprints, and scratches easily. A surface is the middle of the silver VAIO logo prominently highlighted the Sony brand, the logo, although big points, but does not affect the visual appearance.

In the shaft, the Sony VAIO W using the popular sink axle design, the largest opening and closing angle of 130 degrees. If placed on the desktop use does not feel that there is a problem, but the netbook mobile use outdoors, if the words are usually on his knees, so the opening and closing angle seemed a bit small, affect the viewing screen. Since adopted this sinking axle designs, and there is no body behind the interface.
Sony's products, industrial design has always been praised, VAIO W series netbook, though low-end products, but some details are still not lose style makers. Palmrest part of the Although the introduction of plastic materials, but there are concave point grid, so I feel would be better, especially when sweating does not affect the operation.

Sony VAIO W keyboard with floating keyboard design, commonly known as "chocolate" Sony Pcga-bp71 keyboard design is also one of contemporary pop. Uses a 82 key keyboard, keycap size is about 13.54mm, keystrokes height 1.2 mm, although the distance between the keycap getting bigger, but the actual use of feelings felt very general, the user is very difficult for men to use.

Sony VAIO W of the touch pad area in general, but above the printed pattern, looks to be pretty much. Feel too bad either, to use relatively smooth, but it does not support multi-point touch. There are three lights above the touch pad,
Sony VAIO W interface is still relatively wide, and has a Fast Ethernet cards, 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, VGA output port, two USB 2.0 port, Memory Stick Duo memory card slot and SD / MMC slot combo.

Body front-end design with a wireless switch, MS + SD card reader and power button. Ratio is about the power button push-pull design, and equipped with an indicator, you can view the current state of operation.

Fuselage on the right arrangements are 2 USB interface, cable interface, what notebook keyhole.
The left side of the fuselage arrangement Power Interface, a vent, VGA port, audio input and output interface.
In the battery, the standard of 11.1V/2100mAh 3-cell lithium-ion battery, battery capacity is not great. The actual use of time at around three hours or so, this ability can only say that life in general.
Standard 3-cells lithium-ion sony battery(Sony Vgp-bps2, Sony Vgp-bps3)

Sony VAIO W using the current mainstream of the 10.1-inch LED screen, but the screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels was achieved, compared to other mainstream 10-inch netbook products used in a lot of good 1024x600 resolution.
Sony VAIO W used Atom N280 processor, this processor, and are more familiar with using 45-nanometer Diamondville core, the core clock speed to 1.66GHz, FSB upgraded to 667MHz, built-in 512KB L2 Cache, support for Hyper - Threading technology that supports Hyper-Threading HT.
From PCmark 05 test results, the scores, and other mainstream netbook is almost the same configuration. Although the game to be inadequate, but the netbook would have been, Sony PCGA-BP2NX and what is not intended to be used to play games, daily office and the Internet to meet their needs.
Test results from the hard drive, the smallest read transfer rate of 7.4MB / s, maximum read transfer rate of 60.6MB / s, the average is 46.8MB / s, and other mainstream netbook similar.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The appearance of IBM T400s and X300 Comparison

If we say that the most ThinkPad models of a thin, many people can answer is the ThinkPad X series models; indeed this is the case, the acquisition of Lenovo's ThinkPad brand in the entire product line will be followed by a rich, and after the introduction of the Montevina platform the beginning, ThinkPad across the board to adopt a new product named the principle of letters of the alphabet used to be the number one yards with two yards, for example, T61, X61 Battery In this way, and the introduction of new models while it continued to work on several major series of letters of the alphabet at the beginning, but increased to three-digit figures, such as the X200, T400. Special is the first figure represents the screen size is, for example, 2 corresponds to 12.1-inch, 3 corresponding to 13.3-inch, 4 on the 14.1-inch counterparts, and so on. After the figures are for 2 yards to the generation section to identify with. At the end of the last one to "S" at the end of the case said this is a thin model or models enhanced, such as THINKPAD T21 BAttery, W700s this.
Now, thin and light category very popular electronic products, with the Internet version of the popular, one can see the notebook market is a light wind blowing. Because the products as notebook computers and is closely related to the products of our lives have been like mobile phones, cars, like changing our lives, so more light on how it has become a lot of attention to the direction manufacturers. And "thin" has become a current notebook market, the key word; whenever the introduction of a thin and light notebook is always time to be relaxed enough to attract the eye.